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                 Freezer Specials!!!!!!!!

Quality Meats & Quality Service


           Variety Pack


6 LBS. Cube Steaks

6 LBS. Sirloins

6 LBS. Pork Steaks or Chops

6 LBS. Breakfast Sausage

6 LBS. Ground Chuck

6 Lbs. Fryers

         Price: $169.00

          Pork Special


6 LBS. Pork Steak or Chops

1/2 Ham

2 Sides of Ribs

2 LBS. Smoked Sausage

3 LBS. Bacon

6 LBS. Breakfast Sausage

          Price: $119.00

                       Beef Special


16 Cube Steaks          2 Chuck Roast

4 T-Bones                    1 Rump Roast

4 Ribeyes                     1 Arm Roast

4 Sirloins               12 LBS. Ground Chuck

               2 LBS. Stew Meat

                 Price: $199.00

**Freezer Specials are available as is only** **Steaks are portioned to approximately 8 oz's. Cube Steaks are approximately 4oz's** **Availability can be limited at times**

**On occasion, we may be out of any 1 or 2 items included in any special. You can substitute anything of your choice to replace item that is out of stock but must be an item included in any of the 3 shown freezer specials.**

**Requires 24 Hour notice or may depend on availability and how many orders are ahead of yours**

                                **Thanks OWMM**